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Welcome to ADEX Detailing, where we redefine automotive excellence through our comprehensive Car Paint Protection services. Your vehicle is an investment, and our expert team is dedicated to preserving its aesthetic appeal and resale value with cutting-edge paint protection solutions.




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Why your Car needs Paint Protection?

The paint protection film is a significant but often neglected vehicle maintenance product. It is a polymer which behaves like skin to protect the paint from rock chips, small scratches, sticky bug grime, UV ray’s exposure, mineral deposits, dirt and debris, acid rain, and more.

Solution at Adex Car Detailing

We apply most advanced paint protection films to areas of your car’s body where the paint is damaged, scratched or dented. We ensure that these coatings serve as long term shields for your vehicles, to seal, and protect them against harmful agents like UV rays, oxidation, abrasion and fallout. After you get your car covered and protected with our paint protection films, you don’t need to worry about the factors which pose dangers for your vehicle’s conditions.

Why invest in Paint Protection?

The coated layer bonds to the surface, enabling self-cleaning abilities and impart an amplified gloss. You can expect these advantages from our range of paint protection services
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Vehicle’s shine and gloss restored
  • Car cleaning made convenient and easy
  • Chemical resistance
  • Repels environmental damage
  • Rust resistance
  • Enhance your car’s appearance
  •  Retains your car’s resale value Allow us to remove all the damage from stone chips, UV rays, chemicals, and wear and tear. Introduce your car to an incredible lustre and ensure its ultimate protection in the long run. We love to make your ride more appealing and enjoyable